Why is cleanliness important in the workplace?

It should be no surprise to hear that a clean work environment leads to increased employee morale and increased satisfaction at work.But, it’s not just employee satisfaction that is influenced by a clean workplace, employee health and safety increases, which leads to less days off by staff and more productivity at work.
But, what may surprise you to learn is that an average workplace desk harbours thousands of germs and bacteria, and more frequently used items such as doorknobs, coffee machines and elevator buttons may host even more.

Ensuring your facility management team understands the coloration between workplace cleanliness and employee health and safety as well as employee satisfaction, and productivity is key to realizing the benefits from their efforts. We asked our facility maintenance and industrial cleaning supplies experts to share their reasons why cleanliness in the workplace is important? Below is what they had to say:

1. Reduced Rates of Absenteeism

Cleanliness in the workplace plays a critical role in keeping your employees healthy. With a clean work environment, the chances of staff falling ill and needing a sick day is drastically reduced. Even more important, the number of employees that are feeling under the weather and are still showing up to work and possibly spread their germs to others is reduced. Even if there are staff that come to work when they probably shouldn’t have, a good cleaning routine will help reduce the spread of germs.

2. Increased Productivity

Employees that are not feeling their best, cannot give their best. They may be less productive throughout the day and as mentioned above, they are a potential risk of spreading germs throughout the workplace.

3. Increased Employee Satisfaction

A neat and clutter-free workplace has been proven to improve employee satisfaction and boost the morale. Team members feel more appreciated and valued when they have an organized clean work environment. On the other hand, messy restrooms and dirty common areas have shown to increase stress and anxiety at work.

4. Less Risk of Accidents

Slip and fall scenarios are the most common accidents in any workplace. A clean workplace can help prevent these types of accidents from occurring. Dust, dirt, salt, melted snow and spills can all lead to an employee or guest slipping. Having entrance matting, and using high quality industrial cleaning supplies along with a good maintenance routine will ensure these scenarios are limited in nature.

5. Cost Saving

Cleanliness in the workplace helps your business save money in the long run as the wear and tear on your floors and other surfaces is significantly reduced. As well, with a good cleaning schedule and routine, every area of your facility will be tended to, increasing efficiency.
There are many reasons why cleanliness is important in the workplace, the above are the most common responses we got from our team members when we asked them the question.

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