Dilution control systems allow you to automatically mix and dispense your cleaning solutions at your choice of dilution with no manual mixing, no chemical contact and no waste. You can choose to dispense your solution into a ready to use bottle, buckets, or even directly into cleaning equipment.
These systems not only make it safer to use bulk concentrates they make it more cost effective. Bulk concentrates are popular as they are less expensive than their ready to use counterparts, however the savings are frequently lost due to spilt concentrate and rough estimate mixes. A DCS eliminates both of these costly issues.
Dilution Control Systems

Why Choose A Dilution Control System?

Ease of Use

No measuring and no guessing, dilution control systems make it convenient and easy to use bulk concentrates. Just dispense into your container of choice and your cleaner is ready to use.

Find the Right System

We offer a wide selection of dilution control systems, from tabletop and wall mounted multiproduct dispensers to smaller single product dispensers. We have the right system for you.

Technical Expertise

Our sales and customer service team can help you setup your system and will provide you with demonstrations, technical support and product information when needed.

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