The right equipment will help make maintaining your commercial or industrial facility more effective while reducing the overall time needed. CleanSource supplies a wide range of machinery to meet your equipment needs, from vacuums to scrubbers. We have you covered!

We understand that every facility has different cleaning needs and challenges, our team is here to help. We will work with you to ensure you have the right cleaning equipment and supplies required to clean your facility safely and efficiently.

Why Choose Our Equipment

Vacuum Selection

Find the right vacuum for your facility at CleanSource. We carry a wide range of vacuum styles, including upright, wet/dry, and wide, all from the top brands in the industry.

Trusted Single Source

To ensure your equipment is ready to use upon delivery, we carry the corresponding cleaners and accessories needed to begin using your equipment right away.


Our customer service team will provide you with the product information, demonstrations and technical support for your equipment. We also offer commercial vacuum repair.

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