Our lineup of odour control products will help you maintain a pleasant smell in all areas of your facility. From small space air fresheners and metered dispensers to powder and liquid deodorant, our experts can develop an odour control plan specific to your facility needs.

Well placed odour control dispensers will help keep areas of your facility smelling fresh and clean all day long. A fresh smelling environment makes for a better experience for both your staff and your guests.

Clean Source Kleen-Zyme Enzyme Cleaner & Deodorizer - 4 L

Why Choose Our Odour Control Products

Product Selection

We offer a wide range of odour control options from the top brands you know and trust. From handheld and automatic air fresheners to liquid and granular deodorant we have the right odour control products to keep your facility odour free.

Deodorizers for Any Surface

We carry deodorizers that are formulated for reliability and lasting effectiveness. Our products will help keep any area and surface in your facility smelling great, including carpet, fabric, air, floors hard surfaces and toilets and urinals.

Safe on Surfaces

Over time harsh cleaning chemicals can damage surfaces, our CleanSource brand deodorizers will not stain or leave behind residue and are safe for multiple surface types. Eliminate odours, without the need for special handling precautions.

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