Due to the high levels of traffic, carpeting is prone to collecting sizeable amounts of dirt in a short time span. Add to this stains and spots from tracked in mud, spilt coffee and whatever is stuck to the bottom of staff member’s and customer’s shoes (i.e. gum) and keeping your carpets clean can feel like a constant chore.

With the right carpet care products including; shampoos & cleaners, deodorizers and spot cleaners as well as a proper carpet routine, your carpets will look and smell clean, fresh and welcoming.

Why Choose Our Carpet Care Products

A Healthy Environment

Carpets can absorb bacteria, dirt and allergens that negatively affect the air quality of your facility. A proper carpet care routine will ensure your facility is healthy for your staff and clients.

Product Variety

CleanSource offers a wide range of carpet care products to assist with your regular carpet care routine, as well as for those unexpected stains that can occur in a work environment.

Available Green Products

We carry a wide range of green products that have been designed to limit their environmental impact. Include our eco-friendly carpet cleaners and spot removers in your carpet care routine.

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