At CleanSource we help you prepare for your facility’s health and safety audit by completing a free onsite health and safety check. The purpose of our check is to identify and provide recommendations that can improve your company’s health and safety procedures and ultimately prevent accidents and injuries.

Health & Safety Audits

Why Complete a H&S Audit with Us

We Do It for You

One of our trained Health and Safety specialist will come to your facility and complete a walk around with a member of your team. Our specialists have completed hundreds of these checks and are familiar with key issues to look out for.

Third Party Review

As a third party that is not familiar with your facility, we can come into the check with a fresh set of eyes. This gives us the opportunity to compile a list of improvement recommendations, without any ties to the operation.


After the free health and safety check is completed, our specialist will provide you with a list of recommendations. We will also help you procure any missing health and safety supplies and equipment and deliver it to your facility.

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