How To Prevent The Spread Of Illness At The Office

How To Prevent The Spread Of Illness At The Office

In environments where there are multiple people are sharing facilities and equipment like in an office, it is easier for bacteria or illness to spread at a quick rate. Office desks, cubicles, copiers, door handles, telephone receivers, toilets, and break areas are all at the top of the list of hot spots for germs and illness-causing bacteria to be found. Unfortunately, in smaller office spaces or even larger ones with high levels of traffic, if one employee has an infection, it tends to spread faster due to the enclosed area and the sharing of everyday items.

There are ways however that you can help prevent these illnesses and bacteria from spreading at your office. Bellow we outline several tips that will help reduce the potential for germs, bacteria, and viruses spread at your workplace.

1. Ask That Any Employees Feeling Ill Stay Home

Implementing a policy that allows any employee that is feeling a little under the weather to work from home can reduce the chances of bacteria and germs entering your office space. If you notice  an employee that is coughing, sniffling, or showing signs of being sick, ask them if they would like to go home to finish the day and help prevent the spread of illness-causing virus or bacteria throughout the office. Having employees work from home is a better option than having multiple team members getting sick at the same time.

2. Industrial Cleaning Supplies

Have adequate industrial cleaning supplies on hand to be used for cleaning and disinfecting the office. Desks, desktops, door handles or knobs, telephone receivers, computer systems, copiers, fax machines, toilet seats, floors, coffee makers and any other highly used items can be a hot spot for germs and must be properly cleaned and disinfected regularly to prevent the spread of illness at the office. To facilitate regular cleaning and disinfecting of the office, provide industrial cleaning supplies, such as glass cleaner, degreaser, floor cleaner, multipurpose cleaner, and disinfectant and keep them accessible to all staff to encourage regular use from every team member and not just the maintenance team.

3. Encourage Proper Hands Hygiene

Encouraging employees to practice proper hand washing with soap and water often while at work is a big step in reducing the spread of germs and potential illnesses. Providing hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes at designated areas that will be convenient for everyone will help encourage staff and visitors alike to maintain proper hand hygiene. With proper hand hygiene, the spread of illness at the office can be prevented or reduced to the minimum.

4. Regular Office Clean-Up

Every public or open area of your office should be cleaned on a regular basis, especially those areas with higher levels of traffic, such as break rooms, conference rooms, restrooms, entry ways, elevators and any other area that employees converge regularly. Every team member should have some responsibility for keeping the office free from germs and bacteria. As a result, each employee should take care of their own workspace.

In addition to providing industrial cleaning supplies, encouraging proper personal care and office cleanup, taking the lead in maintaining your office cleanliness will set the pace for the rest of the team to do their part in helping prevent the spread of illness at the workplace.

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