How do you maintain a safe and sanitary working environment?

The benefits of maintaining a safe and sanitary workplace has been well documented for both employees and customers for some time now. However, now more than ever, businesses are looking into ways to better maintain their facilities and ensure the health and safety of all that enter.

Businesses are reviewing their cleaning procedures, the industrial cleaning supplies they currently use, as well as bringing in personal protective equipment and sanitation stations they may have not used previously and those that may not have had a hygiene policy, are quickly adding one to their employee handbook.

With this increased focus on facility maintenance, there have been new cleaning techniques and tactics, new sanitation devices and products, as well as new government guidelines being utilized.

If you are looking to establish a cleaning routine or are reviewing your current procedures, we have outlined below 5 ways to maintain a safe and sanitary working environment.

1. Prioritize Cleaning

What is focused on gets done, this is why it is crucial to prioritize cleaning and hygiene with every member of your team. some areas more often because they are high-traffic or high-touch areas. Places or equipment that rarely gets used should be given low priority. A hygiene policy will help outline your expectations of a clean work environment and the importance of maintaining it. It will also standardize the idea that everyone on the team is responsible for maintaining a clean facility.

2. Setup a Cleaning Schedule

A cleaning schedule ensures that every area of your facility is tended to and maintained. The schedule will allow for extra attention to be given to high traffic areas and common areas that may need additional attention. You can even go as far as adding specific items that need to be cleaned, such as floors and items that need to be sanitized, such as handrails into your cleaning Schedule.

3. Review Your Cleaning Supplies

Your facility cleanliness does depend on the type of cleaning solutions you are using. Reviewing your current lineup of industrial cleaning products to ensure they still meet your needs and expectations will ensure your facility is clean and safe. Another good practice is to review the on-hand quantity of your cleaning supplies. If you find that you are running low on products, ordering additional supplies will ensure you don’t run out.

4. Introduce Hygiene Stations

Incorporate hygiene stations in common areas of your facility. These stations should provide items such as hand sanitizer, tissues and anti-bacterial wipes. These stations will encourage staff to help maintain a safe and clean workplace, and more staff will take the time to maintain a clean work area if these supplies are easily accessible.

5. Professional Support

Getting the support of professional floor and carpet cleaners every few weeks will help maintain the cleanliness of your facility and improve the air quality. They have access to machines and equipment that will go beyond the regular cleaning provided by your inhouse team. They will remove excess, dust, dirt and pollutants from carpets as well as having your hard floor surfaces shining like new again.

Maintaining a safe and sanitary work environment has many benefits including keeping employees and guests healthy, as well as improving employee morale, satisfaction and productivity. At CleanSource, our team will work with you to identify which services your business could benefit from and how often you will need supplies.

We represent the top brands in the industry, to ensure you receive the best products. We are here to help with all of your facilities cleaning needs, give us a call today at (905)629-5006 or send an email to to book a free consultation with one of our team members.

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