5 Reasons to Always Keep your Office Carpet Clean

5 Reasons to Always Keep your Office Carpet Clean

In many cases, the carpets in commercial facilities and offices are often overlooked and never really thought about. This is probably because they exist underfoot. As employees and guests enter your facility, they also bring with them dirt, grime and bacteria from the outside. This dirt and bacteria ends up trapped in your carpets. And even though your carpets are underfoot, they ultimately affect everything from productivity and employee health to first impressions and sales. This is why it is important to maintain your facility carpets with the appropriate industrial cleaning supplies as part of your cleaning regime as well as having them professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

Below we highlight five reasons why it is important to always keep your office carpet clean:

1. Improved Indoor Air Quality

Office carpets contribute to the overall indoor air quality of your facility and the air quality has a significant impact on the health of your employees within the office and their productivity. If the carpets are not properly cleaned, allergens, mould, mildew, and pollutants that are locked in the carpets can ascend into the air and will eventually be inhaled by your employees. Professional carpet cleaning helps remove most of these pollutants helping protect your facility’s indoor air quality.

2. Increases the Lifespan of Your Carpets

Regular cleaning, including using the proper industrial cleaning supplies as well as professional carpet cleaning services will undoubtedly have a positive impact on your office carpet’s lifespan. Using the appropriate cleaning solutions and tools for day-to-day cleaning and professional carpet cleaning services for more in-depth deep cleans will help remove any imbedded germs, allergens, mites, pollutants, and stains from your carpets ultimately keeping them in better condition and eliminating most of what causes the carpet fibers to breakdown over time.

3. Improved Facility Aesthetics

Clean office carpets help increase the overall aesthetics of the entire space. Your facility’s aesthetics has a large impact on the company’s image and first impressions. Guests and clients alike are usually drawn to clean and aesthetically  pleasing environments. Ensuring your carpets are clean helps beautify your space and will keep both your clients and employees engaged.

4. Reduced Repair Costs and Times

As highlighted above, well maintained, clean carpets will last longer than those carpets that are not cleaned regularly. This is because the fibers do not experience as much unnecessary wear and tear, which in turn ensures that the negative effects of dirt and other debris, such as fiber deterioration stays under control. Ultimately, this means less time and money spent on repairing or replacing your facility’s carpets.

When you clean office carpets and clean stains and spots immediately, stains and spots will not soak into the carpets and become difficult to clean or attract more soiling. Regular cleaning will get rid of stains and spots that may deface the carpet.

5. Save Time

Cleaning all of the carpets in any facility takes a long time. When you incorporate regular carpet maintenance into your daily or weekly cleaning schedule this reduces the overall time spent trying to get your carpets to look and smell new. When you clean stains and spots immediately, the stains do not have the opportunity  to soak in making it more difficult to remove later on. By hiring a professional commercial carpet cleaning company to take care of the deep cleans, they not only bring with them the expertise and proper equipment, they save you time and the expense of having your inhouse maintenance team completing the work.

Using the proper industrial cleaning supplies to complete your day-to-day cleaning is important for maintaining the quality and longevity of your commercial carpets. The wrong products may cause irreparable damage. Hiring a professional carpet cleaning company to take care of the deep cleaning of your carpets is also suggest as their experience and access to the right equipment will help keep your office carpets in the best condition possible.

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