What Cleaning Supplies Do I Need to Clean an Office?

What Cleaning Supplies Do I Need to Clean an Office?

Maintaining a clean and organized office space has always been important for upkeeping a professional image as well as improved employee morale and productivity. With the COVID pandemic still a major concern for many, a clean and healthy office environment is more important today than it has ever been in the past. A clean work environment helps reduce the risk of illness spreading at work and helps maintain the well-being of employees.

A question we receive often from many small and medium business owners and facility maintenance managers is; what industrial cleaning supplies and equipment should we have on hand to ensure our facilities are clean and disinfected for our staff and guests?

Common areas in offices such as door handles and elevator buttons are hotspots for germ and bacteria growth, ensuring proper cleaning procedures will greatly reduce the build-up of these germs and reduce the chances of illnesses spreading through your office.

We asked our team members to highlight the key cleaning supplies required to maintain a clean office, the most popular cleaning supplies are outlined below and broken down into three main categories.

1. Tools and Equipment

Proper cleaning tools and equipment are important to enable easier and proper cleaning.
Dry Cleaning Tools: angled broom, handheld broom, push broom, dust pans, commercial vacuum cleaner, dust cloths
Wet Cleaning: mops, microfiber mop, mop bucket/wringer combination, disposable sponges, paper towels, abrasive scrubbers, disposable rags, toilet brushes, window cleaning washers, window cleaning buckets, spray bottles
Essential Tools: disinfecting wipes, small and large trash bags, cleaning cart or caddies, microfiber cloths, plunger, scraper/blades

2. Industrial Cleaning Supplies

Your industrial cleaning supplies and solutions are designed to effectively clean and or disinfect key areas around your office. With the key items listed below most areas of your office are able to be cleaned thoroughly.
Industrial Cleaning Supplies: multi-purpose cleaner, liquid disinfectant, glass cleaner, floor cleaner, abrasive cleaners, stain remover, toilet cleaning solution, air fresheners, stainless steel cleaner, carpet cleaner, spot remover, liquid or powder deodorizer.

3. Personal Protection Equipment

The equipment and the solutions used to clean your office are important, but your staff and guest’s safety is equally as important. Having the proper personal protection equipment available to use when cleaning the office, or for general usage is a must in any facility.
PPE: masks, latex gloves, shoe covers, first aid kits, eye wash stations, protective aprons, antibacterial hand wash.

The above are just the key industrial cleaning supplies noted by our team members for cleaning any standard office space. Some facilities may require additional supplies to meet specific needs, please contact our office or visit our website for a full list of available industrial cleaning supplies and equipment. Remember having the right equipment and industrial cleaning supplies on hand does go a long way in ensuring your office is clean and free from germs and bacteria. However, making sure they are being used often and correctly is equally as important. Don’t forget to have regular training sessions and checkups to ensure your office is being fully cleaned and disinfected.

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