The Essential Cleaning Supplies Checklist For Your Business

The Essential Cleaning Supplies Checklist For Your Business

A clean work environment should be a goal for every business as a clean work environment is welcoming as well as assists in maintaining the well-being of staff and guests. To help achieve this goal there are several simple yet effective tactics you can implement at your workplace. These include the introduction of a workplace cleanliness policy, ensuring everyone is responsible for the cleanliness of their own workspace, and having the proper industrial cleaning supplies in stock and easily accessible. When every team member participates in keeping the work environment clean, it is much easier to do so, reduces the workload of the maintenance team and keeps your business looking its best and safe for staff and visitors.

Workplace Cleanliness Policy

These policies ensure that every staff member follows the same standards of cleanliness. These policies usually cover provisions for keeping shared spaces tidy and sanitized, they cover individual employees’ responsibility for keeping their own workstations or offices organized and clean as well as outlining the importance of washing hands and using hand sanitizer often.

Maintain Your Own Workspace

Everyone has a different definition of what organized and clean means, so setting a standard for team members to maintain their own workspace is key to having a minimum level of cleanliness across your work environment. This can include emptying trash bins nightly, disinfecting hard surfaces throughout the day and keeping desks organized.

Key Industrial Cleaning Supplies

Having the right selection of industrial cleaning supplies on hand and available for your staff to use helps ensure all areas of your business and all types of spills or messes can be cleaned up efficiently and quickly.  With the supplies available for all staff members to use, it encourages all team members to help keep the workplace clean.

Below is a checklist of the key industrial cleaning supplies and equipment every workplace should have available:

  1. Vacuum cleaner, with attachments for hardwood and carpet
  2. Mop and bucket
  3. Cleaning cart or caddy to carry supplies
  4. Dustpan and broom
  5. Duster (both short and long)
  6. Microfibre cloths (keep separate, colour-coded for the bathroom and kitchen)
  7. Paper towels
  8. Glass cleaning cloths
  9. Protective rubber gloves
  10. Disinfectant wipes
  11. All-purpose cleaning solutions
  12. Disinfectants (both aerosol and liquid)
  13. Cleaning brushes (disposable toilet brushes will be best)
  14. Spray bottles (to store industrial cleaning products)
  15. Hand sanitizer
  16. Spare trash bags


Having the above industrial cleaning supplies readily available will enable employees to maintain a clean work environment and easily clean up after a spill or when dirt gets tracked in. It also ensures your maintenance team is able to fully clean and disinfect your facility as they have all the necessary equipment and supplies on hand. If everyone on your team is working towards maintaining a clean and safe work environment, achieving this goal is much easier.

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