How to keep high traffic areas clean

Keeping a commercial facility clean and looking great takes a lot of time and organization. High-traffic areas which see more people moving through and more activities in general need the most attention as these areas are more vulnerable to dirt and grime build up. Ensuring the most frequently used areas in your building are well maintained helps increase employee morale, creates a better impression for guests and reduces the chance of slip and fall accidents as well as the spread of germs.

Some common high-traffic areas for any business include the main entrance and exits, lobbies and reception areas, break rooms and cafeterias, main floor bathrooms, elevators and around garbage or recycling receptacles. Keeping these areas of your facility clean will help prevent the spread of dirt to other parts of the facility.

1. Use Entrance and Walk-Off Mats

Installing a walk-off system at the main entrances of your facility will improve cleanliness across your entire building. Walk-off mat systems remove the dirt, snow, water and mud from the bottom of the shoes of anyone entering your facility, greatly reducing the amount of dirt and water that gets spread throughout the facility.
Think past just your main entrance, mats should be utilized at all key entrance and exits points including employee entrances, back or side entrances, loading areas and even in elevators. The more dirt and debris is captured by the mats, the less that gets spread across your facility and the cleaner it will be.

2. Cleaning Schedules

Having a cleaning schedule ensures all areas of the facility are attended to, and allows for additional time to be allocated to high-traffic areas. Your schedule should include items that need to be cleaned multiple times a day, once a day, and weekly tasks. A cleaning schedule ensures your facility is consistently maintained at a high level of cleanliness throughout.

3. Sufficient Cleaning Supplies

Having a sufficient quantity of your most used industrial cleaning supplies on hand ensures that you are able to keep your facility maintained efficiently and effectively. Managing your cleaning supplies not only ensures you have the right cleaning products when needed, it also allows you to reduce your maintenance budget by ordering larger volume or bulk industrial cleaning supplies and avoiding potentially more costly rush orders.

4. Professional Floor Care

In addition to your in-house cleaning procedures and schedules, having your floors and carpets professionally cleaned periodically helps ensure your facility shines, and shiny floors make for a great first impression. In addition, these commercial floor care services improve indoor air quality by removing allergens and pollutants as well as increases safety by reducing potential slip and fall accidents.

5. The Right Equipment

Having the right equipment helps the maintenance team clean a facility more effectively. Commercial vacuums and scrubbers ensure your floors are clear of debris and reduces the time needed in doing so. Dilution Control Systems allow you to automatically mix and dispense your cleaning solutions at your choice of dilution with no manual mixing, no chemical contact and no waste.
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