How Do You Promote General Cleanliness In The Workplace?

How Do You Promote General Cleanliness In The Workplace?

Regardless if your workplace focuses on manufacturing, food preparation, healthcare or has customers coming and going on a regular basis, workplace cleanliness is an important part of your employee’s and visitor’s health as well as your company’s image.

The below four tips will help promote cleanliness at your workplace.

1. Implement Workspace Maintenance Rules

By setting minimum standards for keeping offices, cubicles and common areas clean and organized, you are able to maintain an overall clean work environment. These standards can include maintaining a clean desk and work space, dealing with paperwork, cleaning common work spaces after use and even emptying trash cans and turning off lights. Keeping all areas of your work space clean, prevents co-workers, customers and visitors from forming a negative opinion regarding your business.

2. Stock Up on Industrial Cleaning Supplies

To promote cleanliness in the workplace, it is important to ensure that you have sufficient stock of the industrial cleaning supplies utilised on a daily basis, such as general cleaners, disinfectants, sanitizers, paper products, floor care, odour control and so on. It is also important to have essential personal hygiene supplies such as hand sanitizer, clean wipes, and tissues. Having the needed cleaning and hygiene supplies readily available will encourage your team to promptly and properly maintain their workspaces. Leaving your workplace clean, safe and presentable.

3. Create a Workplace Hygiene Policy

Staff hygiene can be an awkward topic to bring up and at times even embarrassing to discuss. By creating a workplace hygiene policy, you can let all team members know what the expectations are for their overall appearance and cleanliness as well as the expectations of them to contribute to a clean work environment.

4. Hire Professional Cleaning Services

Irrespective of your workplace hygiene policy and employees’ efforts to keep your workplace clean, tidy, and clutter-free, hiring a professional cleaning company to clean specific areas of your facility is a great way to keep your workplace clean and promote cleanliness. Consider hiring a commercial carpet and floor care company to deep clean your carpets and strip and wax your floors or perhaps professional window cleaners to ensure your windows are all clear and streak free. Hiring a professional cleaning company to take care of more specialized cleaning tasks will enable your in-house cleaning team to focus on their core duties and will improve their overall productivity.

Creating a work environment that is consistently clean and organized requires every team member to be committed to this goal. Management can help support this initiative by implementing policies and rules regarding workplace cleanliness and personal hygiene as well as ensuring that there are adequate industrial cleaning supplies on hand and by hiring professional cleaners to assists with specific cleaning duties. Ultimately, a clean workplace boosts employee morale and improves productivity as well as provides customers and guests with a great first impression.

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