How cleanliness impacts your workplace

How cleanliness impacts your workplace

For most people there seems to be two levels of cleanliness at home. There is the day in and day out condition of your home and then there is the preparation that goes into tidying your home before guests come over. The reason why people run around cleaning and tidying their home before visitors arrive is that they want to make a good impression for their guests as well as make them feel comfortable. At most workplaces however, the standard level of cleanliness experienced on any given day, is the same level of cleanliness everyone from employees to guests experience at any given time.

As a business owner or manager, you are pulled in many directions and are focused on growing the business and profits and workplace cleanliness may begin to slip. This is why it is important to invest in creating procedures and a culture for a safer, more organized, and overall clean work place, so that when your attention is not on the tidiness of your facility, the standard level of cleanliness is still one that will impress.

There are many reasons to maintain a clean work environment, below we will take a look at how cleanliness impacts your workplace.

It affects the health of everyone

Bacteria, infections, and germs are able to spread quicker and further in a dirty work environment. So, it goes without saying that if your workplace is dirty, team members and guests are exposed to different potential illnesses. The flu, colds, increased stress and mental health issues are all associated with an unclean workplace.

It improves your corporate image

A clean, organized workplace instills confidence and sets positive expectations for both staff and clients. A dirty, unhygienic and untidy workplace will have the opposite effect. It will hurt your corporate image, create a negative impression and discourage clients and potential partners from conducting business with you.

It affects workplace happiness

Let’s face it, no one wants to work in a dirty and unkept workplace. There are times however, where the condition of a work environment slowly begins to slip, and before you know it the standard of overall cleanliness has also dropped. In these situations, employees tend to fell unhappy and unappreciated. As workplace moral begins to fall, you can also expect performance and effectiveness to be reduced as well.

Maintaining a clean your workplace will not just improve workplace morale it will also increase productivity.

It lowers anxiety and stress

Another way through which cleaning impacts your workplace is that it lowers the anxiety and stress of your team members. Generally, if a workplace is untidy, cluttered, dirty, and unhygienic, anxiety and stress levels of your staff members increases significantly. This doesn’t only reduce the morale of the employees, but it also makes them less focused, less organized and less productive.

It can save you lots of money

Apart from helping the people inside the workplace, cleaning also has a substantial impact on the items inside it. When you use the proper industrial cleaning supplies to clean all work spaces including desks, cabinets, doorknobs, electronic equipment and so on, these items will not only be clean but this maintenance will play a vital role in boosting the durability and longevity of these items. As a result, you will save the money that would have been spent on repair or replacement of these items.

Everyone benefits from maintaining a clean work environment. The more you invest in building a culture and the processes to maintain your workplace, the easier it will be to maintain. Team members will want to do their part to improve workplace cleanliness and will feel accountable when they are responsible for a mess or clutter. In many workplaces where maintaining high standards of cleanliness has been established, all the management needs to do is ensure that a proper inventory of industrial cleaning supplies is available for their team to maintain the workplace.

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