5 Tips To Maintain A Clean Workplace Environment

5 Tips To Maintain A Clean Workplace Environment

Most workplace environments are designed to make employees and guests feel safe as well as optimize productivity. Any obstacle towards either of these purposes weakens workplace efficiency and morale. One of the most efficient ways to ensure a safe and productive workplace is by maintaining a clean work environment. A clean workplace helps employees maximize their time and energy and eliminates the possibility of guests or employees feeling uncomfortable or unsafe in your facility.

Keeping your workplace clean and safe is the responsibility of everyone that uses your facility, instilling a workplace culture that makes everyone accountable for keeping the workplace clean is a major step in keeping any workplace clean. In addition to having every employee clean up after themselves, below we highlight five tips for maintaining a clean workplace environment.

1. Remove Clutter

In maintaining a clean environment, removing clutter is an important step. Clutter can easily build up in any space, from excess paperwork to nicknacks and personal items, it is easy to fill up unused space. The problem with just having “stuff’ lying around, is that after a while it begins to blend in with the environment and it never gets taken care of. As clutter begins to accumulate, it makes it harder to clean and even maneuver around your space. Cleaning up any unneeded items in your office, cubicle or public workspace will help increase productivity and reduce the likelihood of a workplace accident.

2. Schedule Cleaning Time

As mentioned earlier, maintaining a clean workspace requires everyone on the team to pitch in. Scheduling monthly or even bi-weekly cleaning sessions for your team will ensure everyone dedicates time to organizing and cleaning up their workspace. This clean up time is in addition to the work the maintenance team completes on a daily basis and will ensure that everyone has a sense of responsibility in keeping their workspace clean.

3. Have Designated Eating Areas 

Spilt, dropped or left behind food can be a breeding ground for bacteria, this is why it is important to have a designated lunch or break area for team members. Disposable food packs, empty coffee cups and food particles on the floor all invite bacteria growth that can be harmful to your health. The designated break areas make it easier to hone in on these items and ensure they are cl;eaned up properly, eliminating bacteria growth across your facility.

4. Have A Cleaning Strategy

To ensure your entire facility is cleaned on a regular basis, ensure you outline a cleaning strategy that covers all of the essential areas that need to be cleaned and how often they should be cleaned. A simple check-list with what needs to be cleaned daily along with the industrial cleaning supplies needed to complete the task, is an easy way to remind and keep track of your facility maintenance.

5. Fresh Scents

A nice scent always elevates the mood at work. Having lightly scented air fresheners at designated areas around your facility will provide a fresh scented work environment for all. Using lightly scented aromas ensures that the scent is not a distraction to staff and will reduce the likelihood of anyone having a reaction to it. Having automatic scent diffusers allows you to control how much and how often the scent is released. A pleasantly scented office can be just the ambience you need for exceptional productivity.

There are many ways to ensure you have a safe and productive workplace, ensuring your work environment is clean is just one of them. Hopefully we can help you make the most of your workplace cleaning with the above tips.

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