5 Germiest Office Areas That You May Not Be Cleaning Correctly

5 Germiest Office Areas That You May Not Be Cleaning Correctly

Having a  productive staff in your office is a goal most employers have. After all, a productive team will get more work done and cost less, helping you get ahead of your competitors. To be productive and focused, your team requires a clear mind and to have a clear mind, they need to have a clean environment, with little distractions. With that being said, a germ-infested office should be considered a detriment to your team’s health and state of mind. Your office may be cleaned daily, but it is still possible that it may not be consistently cleaned properly. The right industrial cleaning supplies may not be being used or there may be key places that are overlooked.

To help ensure your office is being cleaned thoroughly, we have outlined some of the germiest office areas that you may not be getting cleaning correctly:


It is no surprise that washrooms are on this list of the germiest places in your office. You expect a workplace bathroom to be a potential hotspot for bacteria and germs, but what you may not expect is that your office washroom may be a key area that is not being cleaned properly. Utilizing the proper industrial cleaning supplies and tools will help ensure these high usage areas are properly cleaned.


Doorknobs, especially those around your lobby and main entranceway are used by almost everybody that enters your office. As the number of people who touch a specific door handle increases, the amount of germs accumulated on the knob goes up as well. Germs are easily transferable from one person to another, so high usage places and items such as door handles should be cleaned and disinfected multiple times throughout the day to help prevent the spread of germs.


People get hungry at the office and that is completely normal. Some may take a little stroll to the breakroom to grab a quick snack and others may decide to keep on working while eating at the same time. Although this may be time efficient, eating near your work area, especially your keyboard, can lead to an accumulation of bacteria. Crumbs from food may get stuck between the crevices of your keyboard and become a breeding ground for germs. If you can’t fight the urge to eat at your desk, it is important to wipe down and sanitise your area after you finish eating in order to keep your workspace clean.

Elevator Buttons

If your office has an elevator, it is likely a high usage area of your office, this also means that the buttons in the elevator are also being constantly touched by many different people. Like doorknobs and handles, the elevator control panel is a prime location for the spread of germs. Disinfecting the buttons throughout the day using the proper industrial cleaning supplies is the best way to ensure your elevator controls are clean.

Coffee Machines

Any appliance in the office break room should be considered a high potential for germs and bacteria. This is because these machines are more than likely not cleaned properly or even skipped entirely. Coffee is considered the fuel that keeps an office running, so that means that many different team members are touching different parts of the machine. The damp and dark areas of a coffee machine are where bacteria thrives and grows. Ensuring all removable parts are washed and the outside of the machine is sanitised regularly will help reduce the spread of germs via the office coffee machine.

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