5 Equipment To Help You Effectively Maintain Your Facility (and Get More Business)

5 Equipment To Help You Effectively Maintain Your Facility (and Get More Business)

When selecting cleaning equipment for your facility there are numerous factors to consider.  From cost to function, you must ensure that you are making the right choice. Understanding the significance of quality control in business is critical, as the main goal is to end up with satisfied employees and customers. To effectively maintain your facility consider industrial cleaning supplies, janitorial cleaning carts, personal protective equipment, commercial vacuum cleaners, and power washers.

1. Industrial cleaning supplies 

To effectively maintain your facility you will need industrial cleaning supplies that can meet your facility’s cleaning needs. There are a number of different cleaning solutions that target different areas. There are solutions for general surfaces, washrooms, floors, carpets, and many more. By acquiring the specific supplies that coordinate with the different surfaces in your facility you will be able to have the required cleaning stock to tackle any job.  Many areas must be thoroughly cleaned every day, while others will require maintenance on a regular basis. Every day, the kitchen, coffee area, or any other area where food is consumed must be sanitized. Weekly cleaning and sanitization of the refrigerator are recommended. A microwave or stove in the office must be cleaned on a daily basis. Depending on how often the space is used and how dirty it gets you may want to increase the frequency of cleaning. With industrial cleaning supplies on the ready, each space can be catered to properly. With the appropriate supplies, you can create a positive and professional appearance that can boost employee morale and attract new clients.

2. Janitorial cleaning cart 

A janitor trolley’s main purpose is to keep items organized and ready to use. Some large facilities use separate carts that are organized by area, such as one for bathroom cleaning and another for office cleaning. This reduces cross-contamination and allows cleaning staff to divide their time more effectively. Modern janitorial carts include shelves, hooks, compartments, garbage containers, and other accessories for better organization. Employees can move around the facility with everything they need without having to return to the stockroom. Each cart should be stocked with the necessary supplies for each area of the building, allowing for a smooth transition from one person to the next. In addition, cleaning carts can hold items that can be used to restock specific rooms like toiletry for the washrooms, sanitizing solutions to fill dispensers, and other necessary supplies. By having cleaning carts you are able to organize your industrial cleaning supplies and effectively transport what you need around your facility without having to go back and forth to your cleaning storage. The added versatility of a cleaning cart makes maintaining your business more effective and organized.

3. Personal Protective Equipment

A basic level of personal protective equipment (PPE) should be used by all front-line custodial workers, no matter what job they are performing or what chemical they are using. Protecting workers from cleaning chemicals and restroom germs will keep them efficient and safe. This will allow them to complete any necessary cleaning tasks without risk of injury. It is important to ensure workers have access to PPE that can protect them from the potential effects of cleaning chemicals before they begin cleaning. Before beginning a cleaning task, review your safety data sheets and make them available for employees to review.  To avoid skin irritation or burns, you should provide them with appropriate safety gloves and sleeves. If your crew will be working with caustic, toxic, or hazardous materials, make sure they have proper masks or respirators to protect their lungs. Safety eyewear, such as goggles, is also necessary to protect the eyes from harmful liquid splashes. To avoid confusion, use signage to communicate potential hazards associated with storing, using, or disposing of industrial cleaning supplies.

4. Commercial Vacuum cleaners  

Maintaining your facility involves cleaning the floors of any dirt and debris buildup. Commercial vacuum cleaners not only cleans hard and carpeted surfaces effectively but it also does so thoroughly, not leaving any dirt behind. Rugs at all entry and exit points trap dirt that would otherwise be dragged into your office. Special fibers cling to the dirt, pulling it deep into the material and holding it there. This keeps your floors clean and reduces dust and dirt buildup. Every type of carpet in your office, whether tufted or pile, can become clogged over time. When a carpet becomes saturated with dirt, the fibers lose their ability to trap dirt. At this point, the carpet may even start to shed some dust and debris, resulting in a dirtier office. Regular commercial vacuuming removes dirt and grime from carpet fibers, allowing them to hold more dirt. This will keep your office cleaner for a longer period of time. You may want to increase the frequency of office vacuuming during wet or muddy seasons, such as the winter months. Where dirty snow that quickly melts can make any carpet accumulate debris very quickly.  The dirtier your carpets become, the less able they are to hold dirt particles, resulting in filth buildup in your facility.

5. Power Washers 

Cleaning your business’ exterior is just as important as cleaning the interior. In some cases, the exterior of your business may be of greater importance because it sets your client’s first impressions when they first look upon your facility. To thoroughly clean the exterior of your building you need specific commercial equipment that can handle those tough-to-clean areas. Professional high-performance power washers are able to break down and blast away dirt, grime, mold, and other contaminants using highly pressurized water jets. This commercial cleaning equipment’s methodology is simple, water slams into surfaces with great force, blasting dirt away. Professionals typically use these machines outside to clean building entrances, brickwork, and sidewalks, among other things. One instance is that power washers are effective in removing gum from around your property surfaces. There are various types and models. Cold pressure washers, for example, break up dirt and impurities that leave surfaces spotless. Hot pressure washers, on the other hand, are ideal for removing oil and grease stains from the ground. Heat provides additional cleaning power to heavily soiled areas. This will be ideal for removing any stains left by the parked cars around your business’ vicinity.

Many people are unable to relax until the area that they are in has been cleaned and they can unwind and focus again. The workplace follows the same standards, as a clean workplace enables clients to relax and enjoy their interactions with your employees. A clean workplace allows your staff to perform at their peak, allowing them to be more productive and attentive to their customers. The range of cleaning equipment available in your business can ensure your facility is left looking spotless.

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