5 Easy Tips To Declutter And Clean Your Office

5 Easy Tips To Declutter And Clean Your Office

There is a trend that the busier you are in your office the more cluttered and less efficient your working environment gets. Every team or individual needs a method to keep things neat and organized for optimal productivity. This may seem like a simple task but when we spend so much time in our offices, it is easy to grow used to the clutter. With an infrequent cleaning schedule, you may find yourself in need of industrial cleaning supplies for those hard-to-clean situations. Here are 5 tips to declutter and clean your office space.

1. Remove everything 

It is preferable to start from scratch for a completely clean workspace. Take everything off the desk, drawers, and shelves. Then arrange them neatly on the floor or in another room where you can sort them after. Now that your desk is clear, take the time and clean all surfaces and your computer equipment. If it has been a long period of time since the last time you cleaned your office you may need industrial cleaning supplies to get this endeavor completed.

2. Only keep the things you need

Instead of having to make individual decisions about what to keep and discard, it can be better to get rid of everything from your office and gradually bring items back in when they are needed. It is not unusual to find objects in your work area that has not been touched in months, but that does not mean they have to stay. It is best to not allow them to take up valuable space while contributing nothing to your productivity. By removing everything and bringing items back in as needed, you force yourself to only keep the essentials more effectively and objectively. This strategy may appear severe but it is a good way to rapidly establish which objects serve no use or hamper your productivity.

3. Organize your office based on practicality 

After reducing the clutter, you can arrange the remaining objects in your workspace in order of how frequently you use them. Pens and blank paper may find a home on your desk because you use them every day, whereas important documents that you need access to once every 6 months could be placed in a filing cabinet across your office.

4. Digitize your documents 

The majority of your clutter is likely to be paper-based like business cards, sticky notes, meeting notes, and so on. The issue is that not only do these take up space but the majority of these documents are not something you look at on a daily basis. Rather than keeping them on hand when you need them, you can digitize your papers by turning them into electronic versions by scanning or typing them out. A major benefit of digitizing your documents is that you can easily search through them quickly and conveniently.

5. Clean and dust everything daily 

Before fully putting your things in their rightful place, it is the best time to dust, sweep, and generally clean your surfaces. A deep clean will not be required if you do minor cleaning daily. A wipe down of your desk and shelving with disinfectant wipes after use is a great way to keep the germs at bay and the space looking spotless. Vacuuming the floors of your office will ensure all the debris that falls from your office surfaces is picked up and removed.

With these tips you can keep your space clutter-free, productive, and clean. However, if you work in an office environment with coworkers, keeping your own desk clean may not be enough. To keep the entire place clean consider hiring professional cleaning services that have expertise in using industrial cleaning supplies and proper cleaning techniques. A clean and tidy workspace can make you less stressed and improve efficiency.

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