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Clean Source offers a full line of shovels, scrapers, gloves, ice melters & spreaders, salt & salt bins, and mats to help you provide comfort and safety for your clients and employees during the winter.

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Ice melters break through ice and prevent refreezing. They’re safe to handle, won’t burn or irritate skin or leave messy, oily residue. Will not harm grass, shrubs, trees or concrete.


Blended with magnesium chloride for fast and effective ice melting. Econo Blend™ Blue Ice Melter brings together sodium chloride and magnesium chloride to deliver the melting power you need, even at temperatures as low as -7°F/-21°C. Its blue crystals help you avoid under- or over-applying, for a more effcient application that saves you time and money. Econo Blend™ Blue provides a variety of advantages over basic rock salt. Econo Blend Blue melts to lower temperatures, and is less harmful to grass and vegetation. In fact, it is 67% less corrosive on metal than rock salt. High-visibility blue crystals help make application more e cient, while a corrosion inhibitor reduces potential damage to metal and concrete.

Safe Step® Magnesium Chloride provides outstanding performance in extreme cold temperatures, melting ice down to an impressive -25°F/- 32°C. Designed with a unique crystal shape, it provides the optimum combination of ice penetration and scatter control, and begins working on contact. It dissolves quickly, creating a powerful, long-lasting brine solution. For even the worst winter cold spells, count on the power of Safe Step® Magnesium Chloride. Safer towards plants and animals, it won’t harm human hands or pets’ paws. In fact, it’s even less toxic than baking soda. Among today’s ice melters, Safe Step® Magnesium Chloride is one of the most gentle, most environmentally responsible solutions, all without sacricing performance.

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