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Clean Source offers a great selection of paint, ladders, air filters, laundry & bathroom fan motors.

Other Products


High quality paint decreases application time, improves the overall look and lasts longer.

HP -2000 High performance waterborne coating
HP -3000 Low odor waterborne coating
Platinum Warranty Series Stain Top quality latex wall stain
Private Estate Super premium acrylic latex
X-Terminator Primer, Sealer and stain blocker
2-Coat An environmentally friendly paint



Please contact us for sizes and features of the ladders we supply.

For Optimal Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) it is essential to keep your Furnace Filters functioning properly. Air filters are able to trap microscopic air pollutants such as pollen, smoke, dust and microbes.


Replace filters at least ONCE EVERY SIX MONTHS.

Sizes may vary - contact us to order the proper filter size.



Fans for single and double bathrooms, dryer booster fans, in-line fans, general exhaust and intake fans and blowers, through-the-wall fans, garage fans.

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